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Our textured nylon yarns, with the wide variety of available colors and variety of both sample letter as a customer,used in hosiery, elastic tapes, woven seamlessly (seamless), circular knitting fabrics and knitting, always responding to the customer needs.

PA 66  44/13/1 SM      
  44/13/2 SM X X  
  78/23/1 SM      
  78/23/2* SM X X  
  78/23/4 SM X X  
  78/23/6 SM X    
  110/34/1 SM      
  110/34/2 SM   X  
  78/68/1 SM      
  78/68/2 SM X X  
  78/68/4 SM   X  
PA 6 44/12/2 SM X    
  78/18/1 SM X    DOPE DYED
  78/18/2 SM    X  DOPE DYED
  78/24/2 SM X    
  78/23/3 SM   X  
  78/24/4 SM   X  
  110/24/2 SM   X  

*Our stock colour service is available in PA66 78/23/2 intermingled. 

We hereby only indicate our most standard products. For any other kind of yarn that could be of your interest, please contact us.