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The polyester textured color is being used in knits both circular and flat knitting machine, cordage, rigid tapes and more applications. We have different titles and variety of colorful letter also requests imitation color by the customer.

      Intermingled Twisted  
PES 75/36/1 SM      
  75/36/1 SM     BLACK DOPE DYED
  100/36/1 SM      
  167/48/1* SM      
  167/48/1 SM X X  
  167/48/1 SM     FLAME RETARDANT
  167/48/1 SM     BLACK / WHITE DOPE DYED
  167/48/2 SM X    
  167/48/2 SM     FLAME RETARDANT
  167/48/2 SM X   BLACK DOPE DYED
  340/68/1 SM      

*Our stock colour service is available in PES 167/48/1 SM.

We hereby only indicate our most standard products. For any other kind of yarn that could be of your interest, please contact us.

View color chart